About Us

Meet the owner/operator, Bryce Hamilton

Meet the owner/operator, Bryce Hamilton. Bryce started in the industry as a lawn and landscape technician at 18 years old. Because of his determination he quickly became the foreman of a very successful company in north Florida. At age 21, Bryce got hired on full-time at a pest and termite control company. Using his leadership skills and his adaptability he quickly assumed the position as the lead pest control technician. He simply never gave up, for he had found his passion. Bryce became a certified operator at only 25 years old. This was a major milestone.

Fast forward 9 years. Our owner is passionate about the industry and customer service. He has performed thousands of WDO inspections and even more complex pest control treatments. Bryce has a genuine concern for doing what is right by the industry AND the customers. He has centered his entire career around one principle…Under promise and over deliver. Very simply put, our owner is a steward for the industry and customer service. 

Say goodbye to the last bug

Whether it’s termites or pests, we sell peace of mind. Our environmentally friendly approach will leave you feeling confident you’re protecting your family, home, and the environment in a responsible manner.

We custom tailor plans to fit your individual needs. Our inspectors and associates have completed thousands of services and inspections. At AmeriPro our philosophy is simply, under promise and over deliver. We are honored to show you how pest control is supposed to be.