Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sentricon® attract termites to my house?

No. Termites find Sentricon stations through their relentless search and continuous foraging for additional food sources. Once they discover the stations, inside they’ll find the patented and highly desirable lethal food source the termite workers readily feed on and take back to the colony to share with their nestmates. Termites die off but are not able to identify the cause. This leads ultimately to the death of the colony and the queen.

What makes Sentricon my best option?

Liquid treatments are antiquated efforts to keep termites away and can be very disruptive to your property and lifestyle. But Sentricon is an entire system based on the science of antural termite behavior. The award-winning, patented technolgoy in Sentricon uses the termites themselves to destroy their entire colony and kill the queen.

Is pest control safe for my family and pets?

Any form of pest control can be hazardous if the proper steps are not taken and if instructions are not followed. We proudly employ a safe and practical form of pest control known as Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. We believe in the judicious use of pesticides in every situation. Many times, localized or isolated infestations will be controlled through non-pesticide controls, such as trapping and monitoring. The safety and well-being of your family is our number one priority. Often times we can resolve pest issues without applying pesticides inside your home. 

Do I need pest control services if I don't see pests inside my home?

You have to ask yourself, where do pests come from? The short answer is, outside. We focus our efforts around the outside of your home or business. There’s simply no need to apply pesticides indoors if you’re not having issues inside. If you don’t have pests and you don’t want pests, our professional pest control program is right for you. 

Do I need a WDO inspection if my lender doesn't require it?

YES! Your home is likely the largest investment you will ever make. Would you buy a $175,000 car without having a mechanic inspect it first? Our WDO inspections are as good as it gets. With AmeriPro on your side you become a well-informed buyer with all of the facts BEFORE closing on your home. Even though the WDO inspection may not be required by your lender, it serves as a bargaining chip for you when it comes down to the final offer.